About Pilates

Posture and alignment of the pelvis, vertebra, ribs and shoulders have a critical influence over all movement from sitting to standing to walking.

Poor posture and alignment result from lifestyle situations that include repetitive movement, sedentary and other non physical activities, incorrect lifting techniques etc and can lead to severe muscle imbalance and degenerative process injury.

The goal of Pilates is to revitalize muscle function alignment, the benefits of which include improved strength, skeletal alignment, coordination, balance, energy levels, pain management and general well being. Clients often remark on how much better they feel after each session describing sensations such as a sense of well being, more energy, decrease pain and an increase awareness of muscle balance.

Pilates long term benefits are a stronger body, defined muscles, improved flexibility, muscular power, less incidence of back pain, increased joint mobility and stamina.

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Types of programs offered include:

Pilates Mat Classes. A structured workout where participants follow the exercises led by a teacher. Using the basic principles of the Pilates method to streamline your body, focus your mind with classic exercises. Expect to tone your abdominal, strengthen your back, hips and legs and enhance your alignment and balance.

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Group Reformer Classes. This class includes use of the sophisticated Pilates Reformer machine and other pilates equipment which when used properly, can facilitate a more dynamic exercise experience. Props such as flex bands, fitness circles and rollers all add another dimension to this fantastic program.

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Private, semi private classes, are an ideal way to personalize and concentrate on the finer techniques of your Pilates training. The major benefit of private sessions is the individual attention that can be provided. This allows for your teacher to design a program specifically for your needs and for training at a time that suits you. More advanced props and equipment such as the Pilates Cadillac can also be used during these classes.

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