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Yoga is an ancient practice which involves exercise and development of the balance of the physical body and mind. The practice of Yoga bestows upon the practitioner a firm body, steady mind and a healthy spirit.

Iyengar Yoga offers a holistic approach to one’s practice with an emphasis on alignment and foundation in order to establish a successful static and dynamic posture benefiting the body, mind and spirit. Careful attention is paid to foundations with particular attention to precise alignments which in turn develops a clear understanding of the postures.
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It enables beginners, people with limited range of movement, people with health concerns and pregnant women to practice the postures safely and effectively.

Some people have difficulty progressing in their practice by pushing too hard. Iyengar Yoga is not about pushing, but a timely development of an understanding of mind/body balance and harmony.

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Physical benefits of Yoga:
Strength – yoga postures tone every part of the body.
Endurance – regular dedicated practice increases the capacity to do work.
Flexibility – a youthful ease is maintained or re-established through correct stretching.
Energy – improved bodily function and deep relaxation leaves one refreshed.
Health – a consistent and positive state of well being is experienced when the body and mind are balanced.
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Mental benefits of Yoga:
Concentration – penetration of the yoga postures deepens and extends concentration.
Peace – stillness in the body, tolerance in the mind and absorption in the Self generates an abiding state of peace and tranquillity.
Inner peace – regular exploration and connecting of our physical, mental and intellectual layers leads to a state of integrated harmony.


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