Beyond the bare necessities of old mother natures recipes – have you ever wondered what we value in life?

I suppose the answers would be subjective to our experiences. Regardless, there is something of a perennial thread that ties it all together. Something we all share. It’s value – whether providing the most basic of transport to simply being there – is almost always underplayed, our bodies.

If we imagine them through the analogy of a factory – with departments such as our noses having to remember roughly 50,000 different scents, to the “night workers” restoring of individual cells – with an ever growing disinterest or disconnection from the boss (us), it’s a miracle they’re still willing to clock in the hours.

The term The Four Headed Muscle comes from the “Quadriceps” meaning 4 headed in Latin. It’s the large muscle at the front of the thigh that helps us to walk, run, jump and squat (movements many people can struggle with.) What’s more, they also stabilise the knee joint and help with balance. But while we may otherwise take for granted such basic of functions, if nothing else, it’s imperative to both keep and want them in tip top shape!

For like most muscles in the body, if the quads are tight it’s going to effect the attachments that they hang on to. But without hourly wages, or a formal complaints department – how do we keep them strong and supple? Aside from regular strengthening exercises, the quadriceps appreciate regular stretching movements to help maintain flexibility.

P.S. Stretches must be approach with caution. If you have an existing injury or recovering from one, check with your GP or Physiotherapist before proceeding.

Written by June ( the teacher ) and Mason ( the wordsmith)