Sydney Meditation Course

“Let’s Sit On It”

5 Week Meditation Course

Let’s Sit On It Meditation Course is based on the teachings of the Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation by the Ian Gawler Foundation.

Learning how to meditate using Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) is very simple. Following a gradual sequence of MBSM’s four key steps, each helpful in their own right, students learn preparation for relaxation, posture and attitude, Mindfulness and Stillness.

Preparation is to do with all the practical details of where you mediate, the posture you adopt, the attitude you need, all the things that relate to how to you set yourself up to begin your meditation practice.

Learning to relax is part of the process and as we relax more deeply our mind becomes clearer, more settled and we become more aware.

Mindfulness means we simply pay attention to our present movement experience, free of judgement and free of reaction. From these steps, we become more mindful and rest in the stillness.

In its simplest form, meditation is a mental discipline involving attention regulation.

You may take up meditation to manage stress, to find calm and balance in your life, to be more efficient at work. But one of the greatest benefits meditation offers is a chance to sit with our own being and to help to know ourselves better.

Many people have found other benefits such as, developing full awareness with one’s surroundings, improved quality of social and personal relationships, an increased sense of in inner-calm, increased sense of life-balance, improved listening and concentration skills, improved mental clarity and quality of sleep, to balance blood pressure, and improved energy levels and reducefatigue.

The Sydney Meditation Course will also be integrated with a restorative Yoga practice. Poses have been selected to reduce muscle stiffness and develop posture awareness.

Where: Coogee Diggers RSL, Carr St Coogee

Coogee Diggers

When: TBA
Time: TBA
Course Fee: TBA

What to bring, wear. Bring a small blanket to cover your shoulders during the cooler days, wear loose comfortable clothing and socks.