Stretching exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. But what are the right stretches you need to practice to meet your needs?

Most of us are aware of how much our busy lives are taking a toll on our minds and bodies. Increased muscle tension, headaches, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, reduced mobility , flexibility and the list goes on. Not a life anyone aspires to have on a daily basis.

The more you stretch, the more benefits your body and mind will receive.

Stretching exercises are a great way to take a break from your busy day to recharge and strengthen your body and your mind. Stretching exercises can improve flexibility, posture, prevent injury, calm the mind, reduce tension and increase energy.

The Beautiful Stretches DVD series offers a simple yet comprehensive approach to flexibility and mobility training, and provides a central source of stretching concepts that people can come back to time and time again.

Beautiful Stretches blends Pilates, Yoga and strengthening movements using one’s own body weight to relax tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles.

The DVD content is suitable for practice and use by anyone from the general public looking to improve in functionality for day-to-day activities, to the sport and fitness enthusiast aiming for better performance.

Take it with you when travelling, use it at home, in the office, do it together with friends, use it to keep limber for your sport- its for you to use on your own terms.